Friday, May 18, 2018

News Media Does It Again

What's this fixation with kitchen appliances and Kilauea summit? Just clipped this one from NBC this morning.....

It use to be that size was compared to a shoebox, a breadbox, an icebox. They're all passé now. Kids today wouldn't be able to relate. So I guess the media has turned to kitchen appliances. I find it to be really funny that lava boulders are all described as refrigerators and microwaves....especially when they might be spewing out the vent!!!! I just drove by the summit yesterday and I didn't see even one kitchen appliance. Just a fine film of ash. I'm soooooo disappointed! 

On the other hand, give NBC news some credit. Somebody on their staff actually did some research into volcanoes, but they need a bit of improvement. In the article Kilauea is labeled a "so-called shield volcano". Did the author believe that the volcanologists are wrong in calling Kilauea a shield volcano? Don't know, but I'd like to inform the reporter that Kilauea really IS a shield volcano , for real!!!!!!! Dear NBC, please be informed that people here actually live on a shield volcano and that it isn't expected to spew kitchen appliances. Mahalo. Have a nice day. 

And here's a goody from USA Today.....

Oh really? This reporter hasn't a clue. The article went to say that the lava needed to be removed from the road surfaces while it was still hot so that it could be easier to remove. Huh? ......rolling my eyes....... And said something about removing the lava back to the level of the topsoil. Topsoil? Surely not in Puna! This reporter needs to do homework before writing about our volcano and area. We're not talking about removing mud after a flood, or snow after a blizzard. 

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