Monday, May 14, 2018

Ashfall Warning

Not to be distracted by the eruption going on in Puna, I'm keeping an eye on what's developing at Kilauea summit too. The lava column is still dropping, and as the walls inside the crate throat continue to be unsupported, rockfalls are occurring. Most have been small events producing small ash plumes. This morning, Monday, there were bigger rockfalls producing much more extensive ash clouds......enough for a warning to go out about possible light ashfall in my area. I haven't seen any ash yet, but we will keep an eye out. 

Ash can cause wind health issues, especially for people who already are having problems. Ash can irritate eyes, throats, and lungs. The ash that would reach Naalehu would be quite fine and would be most noticeable on car windshields and house window sills. 

If I start seeing ash, I'll most likely wear a dust mask while working outside today. 

Oh by the way, did you know what Naalehu means? I've been told that it's old Hawaiian for "volcanic ashes". Good name! 

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