Saturday, May 12, 2018

Fissure #16

This morning another fissure eruption was detected in the eruption zone. HVO issued this statement: 

"It has been reported from a new fissure (16) that has opened about 0645 this morning about 1 mile northeast of fissure 15 at the northeast end of the existing vent system. No significant lava flow from this new fissure has been reported or observed at this time, but conditions could change quickly. Elevated earthquake activity and ground deformation continue and additional outbreaks in the area remain likely."

As warned, the eruption isn't over yet. 

So what's new for my area? This morning, around 7-7:30ish we noticed the smell of sulfur in the air. That's something totally new. We've smelled plenty of sulfur around the sulfur vents up at the Kilauea summit, but never around the farm. Thoughts of Mauna Loa crossed our minds. Had there been a gas emission from the volcano in our backyard? The odor wasn't vog, it was definitely sulfur. Well, we never did get an answer, but possibly it came from the morning eruption. Perhaps there was a gaseous sulfur emission associated with fissure #16? When we compared notes with other folks in town this morning, yup they smelled the sulfur too. Based upon where they live and today's wind direction, I rule out Mauna Loa as being the source. Must have been from the 6:45 eruption. 

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  1. Thanks for the updates. If you stop, I'll worry about you! Exciting but cautious times.