Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Piglets

I thought my pig raising days were over. Wrong. These two little guys showed up needing a home. Since I still had the set up for piglets and Adam was interested in playing with piglets again, I opened the farm to two new additions. They're about 9 weeks old. One boy. One girl. The black one is the boy and he's been named Lava. The spotted one is the girl. Adam decided to call her Shelly, short for shelly pahoehoe lava, a type a lava found around the Pu'u O'o vent. When you try to walk in it you leave deep black holes behind. 

They're wild as all heck, but I don't suspect it will take Adam long to tame them down. Adam has learned the power of food when it comes to an animal. Within just a couple days the piglets are coming out of hiding when we "peeeeg, peeeeg, peeeeg". And they will allow us to watch them eat as long as we don't move or talk. That will change after a few more days. 

So what's in that food pan? Yummy food. Milk. Dog food kibbles. Tomatoes. Bananas. Papaya. Scrambled eggs. Cooked rice. Cooked potatoes. A couple of slices of cheese. Every day it will be different. I like to expose them to variety when they are babies so that they will flexible as adults. I don't use commercial pig chow, so they need to eat what the farm produces. They're already nibbling grass too. Good piggies! 


  1. They are so cute! And yes, food tames the wildest heart. :) But I can't imagine any pig in it's right mind not being flexible when it comes to food, LOL

    I'm glad things are still relatively safe and well for you. That smell of sulfur definitely borderlines safety and wellness, but as long as your farm is still functioning, that's what's important!

    1. Thanks, Leigh. First of all, the piglets are cute as all heck. I'm looking forward to the time that they are friendly enough to let out of the pen for walks and play sessions. Our farm dogs, Noodles and Crusty, adore pigs and love playing games with the pigs that we had in the past. Hope these little guys learn to trust dogs too.

      The volcano eruption is annoying and affecting the farm somewhat. The air hasn't been terrible here very often, so we're lucky with our location. The ash is causing minor problems to date. We're hoping that Kilauea summit eventually plugs itself again. Everyone downwind of it would be very happy.