Saturday, May 26, 2018

Eruption Update

Things are still at disaster level. The count it up to 82 structures destroyed, plus several homes in jeopardy due to significant ground cracks. Over the next few days, more buildings will be taken by the lava. Other homes and farms are completely surrounded by flowing lava streams, totally isolated and cut off. Some fissures are reactiving, adding more lava to this mess. Lava flows are increasing. More acerage is getting covered. More farms are swallowed up. The SO2 gas emissions have escalated. Things overall look grim. 

Up on top the summit, things look like they may be building up to a large explosive event. Daily there are small rockfalls and steam/ash explosions. Ash drifts downwind, falling mainly in the Ka'u desert. But the light fine particles deposit light coatings from Pahala to Oceanview. Depending upon the wind at the moment, some areas intermittently have elevated vog levels. The light rains that happen off and on are ashy. 

So what happens next? Who knows. People of Puna are starting to consider the possibility that this eruption may last for weeks or months. It's too horrible to consider thinking that it could become the new eruption vent, thus lasting for years. 

How about the summit? Most people are braced for a big steam explosion. How big, we're just getting around to consider it could be a lot bigger than first thought. Some people in the Volcano area are thinking about leaving the vicinity for awhile. Others plan to ride it through. Some have already left. But right now, it's like waiting for the second shoe to drop. It's nerve wracking just waiting, thinking that you're braced for it. 

So here we sit. No one knows the future. No one knows what's the best action to take. Some try to be prepared. Others move away. Yet others feel that they can't do anything about it, so they keep living as usual. 

On this homestead, we're maintaining a bit of preparation.....we have food & protected water, medical supplies, general resources, enough gasoline to give us electricity for awhile. We should be able to weather a significant eruption without much difficulty. We're not planning to evacuate at this time. We feel that we are in a safe location. A major summit eruption would be a nuisance to this farm, but not a disaster. 

Listen. Wait. that second shoe ready to drop? 

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