Thursday, May 3, 2018

ERUPTION !!!!!!!!

At 10:30 this morning a magnitude 5 earthquake occurred in Puna. This quake was felt in my little town of Naalehu, and by residents of Oceanview. I was in Honomolino today and didn't notice the quake. But its effects were felt quite a long distance from the epicenter. 6 hours later, the volcano erupted anew. 

Around 5 pm a new eruption occurred along the rift zone, regretfully within a housing subdivision. All residents have been ordered to evacuate immediately, so luckily there has been no lose of life. For the moment, no houses have been claimed by the lava, but that may change. 

(drone view) 

A rather long (about 165 feet), wide crack developed in the mostly wooded area of the subdivision, managing to avoid houses. But the crack is close enough to houses that resulting burning trees or emerging lava might also ignite the structures. The crack runs right across roads, and fleeing residents were able to get video before being told to leave by the police. A drone also captured dramatic footage showing a long fissure with erupting lava, fountains about 100' high, and lava flows. 

(drone view)

At this point, no one knows what will happen over the next 24 hours. The eruption could very well shut down quickly and no houses will be lost. Or on the other hand, the eruption could magnify and destroy the entire subdivision. 

USGS photo of eruption: 

Another USGS photo: 

Below is a rather fuzzy picture of where the eruption is in the subdivision. It missed houses.
This drawing actually proved to be inaccurate, but you get the general idea anyway. I don't know who made the drawing. 

Below is a projected flow track based upon topography, if the eruption were to produce lava flows. 

Yes, things are getting hot here in Hawaii. 

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