Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lava Update 3:20 pm

Will things get worse? They said it most likely would....and it has. A lava flow developed this morning and is now flowing down one of the streets. 

As of 9:30 this morning , the flow had travelled 0.6 miles. Here's the latest photo I've seen.......from Big Island Video........

I saw a posting on a Puna site that said another house was destroyed today. 

Up at the Kilauea summit, things don't look so optimist either. The lava level is Halema'uma'u is dropping significantly. All that lava is going somewhere. On top of that, if the level drops low enough, it could precipitate an explosive event. Photo below is from the USGS HVO site. The view is looking down the throat of Kilauea volcano. 


  1. I just got caught up on your volcano posts. We don't have television so I don't get news regularly, but when I heard about the earthquakes and volcanic activity in Hawaii, I had to come see if you were all right! Definitely sounds exciting and perhaps a little scary. Glad you aren't in any danger, even though you've been feeling the earthquakes. Sounds like anything could still happen. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks, Leigh! ! Your concern is much appreciated. So far we are doing fine. For us, this is a good dry run should I ever be faced with Mauna Loa erupting my direction. The odds for that are really slim, but the chance is there. I'm with you as for not having TV. Life is far less stressful that way. Besides, I get hooked on watching them don't get things done that I should or want to. Life for me is better without TV.