Sunday, May 13, 2018

Fizzure Update

First of all, HVO corrected the number of the fissures. What was at first called fissure 17 turned out not to eject lava, thus not qualifying it for fissure status. Guess it's a volcanologist technicality. Therefore fissure 18 is henceforth known as fissure 17. To the residents of Puna, it makes no difference. But I just wanted to clear up any confusion in advance as I report on the activity. 

Fissure 17, née 18, ended up being about 1000' long! And ejected plenty of lava high into the air. It was making it quite clear to the scientists that it was indeed a fissure! And it was a noisy buggah. Lots of booms, hissing, huffing. It could be heard quite a distance away. 

For right now things have quieted down. We are back to the waiting game. Still earthquakes, cracks, steam, noxious gas......just waiting to see where the next eruption will be. Residents are hoping for a pause in the action. Aren't we all! 

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