Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Volcano Update

To my mainland friends.......we are safe. The farm is no where near the area of current concern. (Our turn will come when Mauna Loa erupts. Stay tuned. 😀) 

Kilauea started up some interesting activity a few days ago, and has been expanding the show! The lava level is still high at the summit vent (Halema'uma'u). But the main show has moved to the active Pu'u O'o vent further away. The floor of this crater had two significant collapsing events overnight, which is linked to the underground magma movement down the rift from the vent. Nothing is showing on the surface at the moment, but instruments indicate ground deformation. Dozens, perhaps we're now up to hundreds, of small earthquakes are continuing to occur in the rift area. The largest so far was a 4.2. 

Above, earthquake map. It's that cluster of orange and red dots that have people concerned. 

What does all this mean? Well, it could mean simply that the pressure from the magma is breaking some of the underground layering of old lava and forcing its way into the new cracks, extending magma fingers deeper down the rift zone in the Puna district. Or it could mean that the pressure is continuing to build, the magma is being forced to find new outlets, and that there will be a surface eruption. No one knows. 

People living in the Puna district have been warned to be on alert for an eruption. Will it happen? When? Where? How much? What sort of eruption? No one can guess. 

Exciting times. 


  1. I watched some helpful(?) mainland visitors throw a full bottle of Okolehau (a local whiskey with that on the label!)into Halema`uma`u back in 1972. Musta made Madam Pele happy, yeah?

    1. Cracks me up to see people leaving bottles of gin at the crater. I understand that "gifts" are being left at the current eruption site. Fat chance of that stopping the eruption. Just what would help the situation---- a drunk Hawaiian goddess! ?? Naw. Just a waste of good liquor, in my opinion.