Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Volcano Update

Once again we awoke to the smell of sulfur outdoors. Plus the air is as still as a dead cow, so it will be a half hour or so before the sun warms the morning breeze and moves the sulfur out. So I suppose we sit still and suffer the sulfur in soothing silence. (Wow, after all these years I still remember what alliteration is from my high school days!) 

The volcano continues on as it has been. Fissures erupting. Lava flows. Noxious gas. Earthquakes from time to time. New ground cracks. The summit having ashy emissions due to small rockfalls. People suffering the woes of an eruption. Nothing new, just the same old misery. 

 On the farm I am seeing daily ashfalls. Small ash coverings, just enough to be noticeable. I've also been getting a light smattering of rain, the kind that plasters the ash to everything but doesn't really easily wash it off. Just lovely, drats. 

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