Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More Ash

Awoke yet again to the fresh smell of volcano in the air. Checking the vehicles and solar panels, it's evident that there was another summit explosion. Yup........8 pm and 3:45 am. Two! 

Looks like this morning's job will be to mop down the solar panels. Just hosing them off doesn't work. Now I'm really thankful that the panels are ground mounted, as opposed to being atop the roof. I surely don't want to be up on a roof stretching to reach panels with a mop! 

This is a good trial for us.....how to maintain clean panels in the future. Our plan called for eventually installing the panels atop the future carport. We will mostly likely still do that but the mounting pattern may be different. Plus importantly, a catwalk will need to be added to the construction so that it will be safe and easy to reach the panels for cleaning. In all the photos I see in books and magazines, no consideration is given to cieaning the panels other than with a hose from long distance. That won't work here with this fine volcanic ash. So we need to come up with a better idea. 

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