Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Eruption Update

This disaster continues in Puna. More structures are destroyed. More lava flows are traveling a distance. Route 132 is effectively blocked. One flow is heading for Beach Road where, if it crosses the road, will trap anything not evacuated from Pohoiki area. Another flow is heading for Kopoho, where if it continues, will isolate Vacationland subdivision and Kapoho Beach Lots. People are being warned to evacuate NOW. 

Geologists report the fissure 8 is erupting sustained fountains 200' in height, with a significant volume of very hot, fluid lava feeding a rapidly moving flow. The flow front is currently moving 600 yards per hour, heading down that blue line in the map above, leading to Kapoho. Once it reaches Kapoho and crosses the road, lower Puna is effectively isolated.....cut off. Evacuating via vehicle will be impossible. 

Meanwhile up at the summit, the volcano isn't taking a rest. Since I got up this morning there have been close to 200 earthquakes of around 2.0 magnitude or greater. A 5.3 quake happened recently that must have scared the bejeezus out of Volcano Village residents. Perhaps that got their attention enough to think about evacuating. Steam plumes are constantly coming from the Halema'uma'u vent, often laden with ash to some degree or other. Repetitive rockfalls have enlarged the vent considerably, plus the caldera floor has dropped several feet. ......... We are waiting for the second shoe to drop. 

I'm attending an informational meeting tonight in Pahala. I'm hoping the summit doesn't blow it's top tonight. I feel like I'm playing Russian roulette. How many times can I drive by or close before it blows? Unless I have to go the Pahala to pick up a prescription from the drugstore, I think this may be my last drive that direction. 

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