Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Eruption Continues

Things continue along. Fissure 17 is the most active in emitting lava, but it is slowing down. The lava flow is only slowly advancing, an estimated 20 yards per hour now. That's considered sluggish. 

(USGS photo)

A new fissure opened this morning near the others, but there is no update on it yet. It's too new. 

Noxious gases are still being aggressive emitted, and residents are still either evacuating or preparing to. And yes, many are choosing to stay for the time being. 

The summit is still doing its thing. Scientists think that the lava column is still receding though they cannot visual the level anymore. They are going on instrument readings. Small rockfalls are happening, and the steam plume from Halema'uma'u is almost continuously a light ashy color. 

(USGS photo)

This morning a rockfall was big enough to produce a dark plume several thousand feet into the air. 
Ash is falling downwind of the summit, primarily in the Ka'u desert, where nobody lives. Some very light ashfall was reported yesterday in Green Sands, Mark Twain, and Discovery Harbour subdivisions. Not a lot, but enough to be noticeable on car windshields. We got basically no ash here at the farm. I couldn't see it on the truck windshield, but I could feel it if I gently brushed my hand over the surface. And funny thing, hubby's car was parked all day in downtown Naalehu and it only got the ultra fine dusting like I've seen at the farm. Guess it all depends upon the wind pattern. 

Some cattle ranchers are preparing to move pregnant cows out of the area in the advent of a summit eruption, or should ashfalls become more frequent. I haven't heard any cattle trucks moving down the highway yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear them soon. 

We're doing fine here in the farm. I don't see us in being in any danger for now. We've been getting plenty of invitations to come to other people's homes who are further away from the volcano, but I don't see us taking up anyone in the offers. It's nice to know that people are concerned. Thank you! 

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