Thursday, May 17, 2018

Summit Explosive Event !

About 15 minutes ago I spied a rock hurling explosion via the summit cameras. (See ps comment below)

Almost as quickly as the event happened, my cellphone was bombarded with text messages. Yikes! Is everyone checking the website at about the same time, or did an alert go out via cellphones? 

I'm looking around, but I don't see any kitchen appliances yet. Disappointed 😞

ps -- FYI the dark marks aren't rocks hurling out of the crater. I've been watching the webcam for the past hour and the splotches never change but the cloud rising from the crate does. Thus I am assuming that the eruption sent wet ash that landed in the camera "lens" and stuck there. 

The latest HVO report says that the eruption happened about 4:15 this morning. 

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