Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Using Old Metal Roofing

The vast majority of houses around here have a metal roof. With the volcano erupting, the rain has been especially acidic, causing the rooves to rust away. While people patch their leaking rooves as best they can (Ace Hardware stocks plenty of gallons of Henry's Roof Patch all the time now), eventually the time comes when it needs to be replaced. We're no exception. The older roof, now ten years old, was never properly flashed by the original owner. So unknown to us for several years, it built up debris where the flashing should have been between the two roof slopes, and eventually rusted away. A can of Henry's roof cement helped for a while, but we finally gave in and replaced it when we could no longer stop the leaks in heavy downpours. 

I'm not one to throw away anything reusable. I'll find a use or give it to someone who can. Giving the old roofing away never crossed my mind for one second. I had the perfect job for it. Put a solid roof over the dog pen and parking area. 

Quite a while ago we had made a roof frame out of tree trunks and recycled 2x4's. Up until today we used tarps over the frame. But tarps wear out quickly in the tropical sun and whipping tradewinds. I've been keeping an eye out for old roofing material, but everyone around here also puts old roofing to use. So far, no luck. 

Ah-hal got my OWN used roofing panels ! So today they went up onto the frame. 
Had enough to do 20' with some short leftovers, which will be saved for some other project. 
Hubby's little VW would fit if we remove the big lava rock along the back wall. The farm ATV will also fit comfortably under the roof. 
The dog pen (for the two incorrigible chicken slayers who can only run loose on the farm under supervision) has its own roof. Once I locate more roof panels, we'll run the metal roof all the way to the end. 


  1. Why not gravitate away from galvinized roof panels, towards fiberglass roofing panels?. The possible increased cost, would be well offset by the extended, usable life of the product.

    1. Good Suggestion! But there's a hitch. Around here most people collect the rainwater off their roof for household use, including for drinking water. Stainless steel and metal with baked enamel coating are approved for drinking water. Fiberglass roofing isn't. Unless there is some sort of fiberglass roofing that our county building department doesn't know about yet. Oh they're behind the times, to be sure, on some stuff. Anyway, it's not on their approved list.

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  3. Good thinking! I do agree with you. Living in Hawaii, where the rainfall is very acidic, the roof always has a tendency to get rusted. That is why regular maintenance and replacement is necessary every few years. Finding another use for your old metal roofs is a brilliant idea, by the way. :D

    Paul Lawson @ Shelton Roof

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