Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Kittens !

Well, we did it again. Crazy us added two new kittens to the family. Our older cats have become rather sedentary and stodgy, so it seemed like a good idea to jazz things up. We have plenty of room here on the homestead for more residents, and we can afford to care for them. So why not? These two little guys needed a home. Thus we have welcomed them into the family. 
They're both little boys that we neutered at the local spay/neuter clinic two days ago. The surgery hasn't set them back, but changing homes has unsettled them. But kittens are resilient, so it shouldn't be long before they start exploring and acting like kittens. 
So far the rest of the house menagerie hasn't been too interested in them. Just mildly curious. 

Now...what to name them? 


  1. I used to try to have sealpoints when I could keep a pet while I was in school - I found they sort of "said" their name (given their penchant for talking). Is that a Blue? I kept one of those for about ten days, until his noisiness brought an unwanted room inspection. Sadly, I could only stay if he was "evicted", and I paid a fat fee to the Animal Control facility to ensure his adoption. I got a terse note about 2 days later that he was adopted. I'll never know. But I'm sure you'll be well-entertained by those cute little fellows!

  2. First one has told us his name ..... Diggeree. They didn't come from anywhere, it just popped up in hubby's head. So now, what will the others name be?

  3. Hubby finally figured out where his mind got the Diggeree name from.....Harry Potter. I don't know if I spelled it the same way because I never got past the first three books.

    Kitten #2 is heading for the name Datchet. That's an English town that was near where we once lived.

    So it looks like it will be Datchet and Diggeree. They are still anti being touched, but they are not as bad. We suspect that they will be living as semi-ferals here on the farm. Not cuddly family pets. But that's their choice, so be it. They are welcome to share our lives.