Sunday, April 20, 2014

Controversy -- Working Animals

This is an update on the NYC carriage horse controversy being covered by Jon Katz. The outcome of this issue could have far reaching repercussions. Could the future hold an America without working animals and ultimately without pets, the ultimate goal of most "animal rights" groups? Here's the link to Jon's post, or you could go directly to his blog site at and look for 4/19/14 posts. 


  1. The remedy: Open the floodgates of under-employed lawyers to sue for unlimited damages, every single "animal rights activist" as detailed in the bedlamfarm post. It would be a good use of that litigation talent, and stop all the nonsense. The proceeds could be used to fund animal shelters in every state, and offer employment to those in the sued class a way to work off their debt.

  2. You make me smile and laugh!

    As I had posted on Jon's blog, the AR activists that are screaming and waving signs at the horses somehow don't see their own actions as being distressful to those horses. They make the animals nervous, edgy, apt to spook. They are right in the faces of the horses, upsetting the horses to the point that carriage drives have to hold the horse!s heads. If somebody did that to my horse, I'd be apt to have then arrested or possibly just slug them in the spot.

    The NYC mayor announced that he sees nothing wrong with police horses working in NYC but sees carriage working horses to be abuse. Hey? I don't get it. What's the difference?

  3. Those goonies remind me of the pranksters who started a phoney "movement" to put clothes on wild deer....