Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Daily Drivel

Brace yourself.....warning.....more travel photos ahead! 

Back at the inn, a light lunch, and some time to waste before meeting our friends. I eyed up the pool, wishing I had remembered to bring a bathing suit. Hubby opted for a different past time......
Ah-ha, my turn to sneak a photo and post it on the Internet. Payback time! 

Time to head out for our rendezvous. As pre-arranged we wait along the sea wall in Lahaina. The scenery is great.  As you can see by the palm trees, a brisk wind is keeping the hot sun at bay. I do believe we have picked up a bit of a light sunburn already. 
Our friends successfully found us thumbing a ride, picked us up, then headed for Mama's Fish House. Even though we've come to Maui numerous times, we've never made it to this restaurant before. So this is going to be a treat......and a little bit of a surprise. First of all, the coast scenery is great. So many spots along Maui's coastline are simply lovely.
Getting into Mama's was a bit of a challenge.......that apparently didn't have to be since we found out later that there was a back entrance far more disability friendly. But here we are slowly, ever so carefully backing down a fairly steep hill with hubby acting as back up brake control while hamming it up for the camera. (Jerry needed to use the wheelchair too for his own stability, otherwise  hubby would have been doing the steering.) While most employees were extremely helpful, Mama's needs to inform their entrance staff to offer the safer access for people with obvious mobility problems. But happily Shirley and Jerry made it down safely under control without the wheelchair running over Jerry and hubby.
Now how's this for a cool walkway! Paving blocks shaped like geckos. I like it! My mind started spinning its gears and thinking about how to make a mold. Going to have to ask my artist friend about it when I get back home. 
Tropical flowers adorned the place. This is just one of many bouquets around the place. Color and more vibrant color.

I have to admit that Mama's thus far has the best food we've had on Maui. But ticket shock comes along as a side dish. If you plan on dining here, anticipate $100 per person for the experience. And skip the after dinner coffee. The coffee in Ka'u is far, far, far better. Guess I'm just spoiled, drinking Ka'u coffee all the time. The Maui coffee was disappointing. 

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  1. Mama's does put a massive dent in the wallet - so we went rarely, and avoided the booze bombs. Those pavers are a nice use of fractals, but the should have been cast in a much harder concrete with reinforcement and PVA fibers. Those cracks could be avoided. Lotta good eats on Maui. Badass coffee is only so-so, most times. I agree, really carefully roasted second-crack beans, ground fresh, make truly ono cuppa joe.