Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Unusual Chicken Eggs

Anyone who has had chickens for eggs knows that sometimes eggs come in strange shapes, sizes, and coloration. They all don't come out looking like those grade A large eggs you get at the supermarket. I've had my share of strange eggs and I wish that I had taken photos of them. Those pictures would have been fun to share right about now. I've had wee tiny eggs the size of a jumbo marble. And others in the opposite extreme being so large that I'm shocked that a hen could lay them. Some eggs come out completely perfectly round. Others are long and narrow like a torpedo. Some are bumpy. I saw one that was wrinkled all over. Others just wrinkled on one half. I've even see eggs that are soft and leathery because they have no hard shell.
Today a hen laid the egg on the left. It's far bigger than the extra large normal egg on the right. Plus it's misshapen, being flat on one side and no round-end/pointed-end. 
Looking down from above you can see how the egg compares to the normal egg on the right. 

I can't sell this egg because its too large. Won't fit into an egg carton. So we'll be eating it ourselves. Whatcha wanna bet it's a double yolker? Do triple yolkers exist? 

By the way, I checked the hen that laid this egg. I was really concerned that she might have injured herself. But she appears to be fine. Wow, SuperChicken! 

Postscript: I just cracked the egg for dinner tonight. Only one yolk, but it was a whopper. 

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