Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pallet Fence Update

So far the fence is working. The gusty tradewinds have been defeated! Score one for the farmer. 

Gates --  making gates out of the pallets could be done, but I had a better option available. Salvaged from the dump, I have three sections of worn out chain link panels from a dog pen. They are 4 foot high and about 5-6 foot long. By simply tying them to a pallet with the poly hotwire, they are very easy to open and close as gates, and they are sturdy enough to keep a curious horse or sheep out. 
By setting two together, I had an entrance wide enough to drive a truck through for delivering compost and mulch. 

For people gates I happen to already have two damaged chain link gates that I picked up cheap at a flea market. I haven't set them into place yet, but tying them with the poly hotwire will work. 

Several people have asked me what is this poly hotwire that I've mentioned. It's a fine braided rope that has wire strands braided into it. It is highly flexible, strong, not apt to break. It is used for hotwire fencing for delivering a shock when touched. But in my pallet fence application, it is not attached to a charger, thus no shock. 

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