Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Daily Drivel

.Today was far too serious a day as far as I'm concerned. Work on the IRS taxes half the day. Spend the afternoon lining things up for our upcoming trip. Geez, a day of no fun. There's got be something, anything that was good fun in the day. Decades ago, 1983 to be specific, I promised myself that there would be something enjoyable about every day. That promise prompted me to start getting up a bit earlier each morning in order to watch the dawning of the day and witness to diurnal world waking up. That led to learning birdsong, setting up hummingbird feeders to lure them in, making various bird feeding stations. It's a bit magical to watch new fledglings trying to figure out how to feed themselves, 

While making dinner tonight, I was contemplating birds, which led me to thinking about my cats. Now there's a group enjoying life. House cats. When things get too serious, too boring one can always imagine a mouse under the floor mat or in an empty paper bag. Or why not just jump on another unsuspecting cat and let the fur fly? There's toilet paper or kleenix boxes that can be depended upon to be entertaining. Always something can be done to liven up the time for a bit of fun. 

Cat in the box......a fun game. Place one empty box on the livingroom floor. Before long it's occupied by a cat. Shortly thereafter cat #2 notices cat #1 in the box. Stalk, wiggle, pounce, bat. Bat, bat, bat, bat, womp. Both cats are now fully engaged in mock battle. Neither can see the other but paws reach around the edge of the box batting at the imaginary monster on the other side. 

Peeking into the livingroom a saw that Tobi was fully immersed in the game. He had possession of the box. Eyes dilated, ears on full alert. Crookshank was outside the box, alert, listening, intense. A quick photo in the darkened room of a black n white cat in a dark box reveals a set of wild devil eyes. You'd swear the buggah was in drugs! Or at least possessed by a demon. 

Dinner was late getting on the table tonight. Tough. Watching the cats play for a half hour was far more important in life. 

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  1. Oops! My computer started locking itself, stuck when I tried to comment....finally, I did get one done - but it landed on the earlier post! I think I'll take my dog out to see the new zone of leveled molehills.