Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Daily Drivel

More vacation pictures ....... Egads! 

..........Breakfast Eaten.             :)

Sweet, creamy, gooey, incredible French toast. Guaranteed to cause a heart attack if eaten daily. Good thing we don't come to Maui too often. 

Hit the road to do the tourist thing today. Of course.....a stop at Starbucks for a latte and check my email. Hubby sneaked a picture of me, the rascal. 

A delightful discovery -- there's a ho'olaule'a and plant market over at Haiku today. We're in luck. Perhaps I can find some new taro varieties to take home. 

On the way we pass the sugar cane fields. Yes, sugar cane still is farmed in Hawaii. I think this is the last commercial farm in the entire state. Today they are burning off a field as part of the harvesting process. The canes will then be cut, trucked to the mill about a mile away, and processed into various grades of sugar and molasses. Most of the sugar gets shipped to California for further processing. You ever buy C&H sugar at the supermarket? Ever wonder what the C and the H stood for? ....... California and Hawaii !!! How about that. 

We made it to the festival and were surprised to find that it's quite a popular event. Lots of displays, vendors, and music.  
Kids were flocking to the pony pen, brushing and petting the miniature horses. Kids and ponies go together, especially in Hawaii. 

Someone had set up some demo compost bins made from wood pallets. Nice demo, but these boxes need better covering in order to retain moisture. The organic material in them is far too dry to compost down. 

Out of the dozens of vendors and plant sellers I only found one person selling taro. Would you believe that? So I bought two of the bun long variety. 


  1. Mahalo for sharing your fun trip! Good to see the greener Maui, since the drought was pretty depressing a couple of years ago.. Hope you stopped in at Mana Market in Haiku - if not, plan to see it next trip to Maui. It is a real treat!

  2. Have never stopped at the Mana Market. Will definitely put it our to-do list.