Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Daily Drivel

End of the day. I slowly sit down on the sofa, sinking sweetly into the cushions. Aahh. Boy, I'm bushed. It's been one of those whirlwind days. Getting ready for a trip, taking care of usual chores, and dealing with a few unexpected events. Rush, rush. I didn't have much time to stop for a breather. Ever have a day like that? Gee, I thought I left those days behind. 

So here I sit, almost too spent to think. I'm pretty much ready for the trip. Just need to throw some clothes into a bag. But if I wake up early, I'd like to take water down to the seed farm first thing. Not a necessity, but it would make me feel better about leaving knowing that everything is taken care of. 

The morning went along fairly well. Got most the usual farm chores done, nice and smooth. Got a phone call from a community group that I volunteer for about picking up lunches for some school kids and delivering them. Ok. At 10:30 I dropped everything, cleaned up, headed for town. I was heading to pick up almost two dozen lunches at the restaurant in town with plans to deliver them to a school group down at the county park at Honu'apo. Almost got there when I got a phone call saying that my services weren't needed, someone else was picking up the lunches. Turn around. Head back home. Whew. With spirits rising and a smile on my face, I thought that this was cool. Now I'd be ahead of schedule. But the gods yanked the carpet out from under my feet. Hadn't gone more than three miles when the phone rang again. A friend's dog had attempted to escape the bedroom and broke a window. There was blood everywhere, apparently from an actively bleeding cut. The closest open vet was 1 1/2 hours away. Could I come take a look and help? 

Now how could I say no? A quick stop at home to pick up supplies and off to the rescue. Patch up dog, then back home again. My own lunch? Forget it for today. I'm now behind schedule. 

The rest of the day was a blur. Load feeders. Set up extra water buckets. Put extra litter in the chicken pen. The house sitter showed up and needed the grand tour and review of instructions. Finished everything up just in time for hubby to arrive home. And it's time to call it a day. Geez, I do believe I've earned a few days off! 


  1. There's nothing so paradoxical as the planned event (a trip), with its clear departure time and place, and the crazy chaos of some random event that jumbles the orderly process of that planned event, when a day earlier or a day later, it would have gone without any notice.
    So - GO! Enjoy the trip! Live in that moment. I often re-read the salutation to the morning by Khalidasa (oh, I can't remember how to spell his name, please forgive), and the somehow the trip goes along anyway.

  2. Barry, good morning from your old stamping grounds! Maui is beautiful this morning.

    When things intervene in my schedules nowadays, I no longer get upset like I use to in my previous life. Just some of the lower priority tasks get bumped off the list. Then I get on with life. Bumbye (?spelling?) has wiggled itself into my vocabulary.