Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pasture To Garden -part 3

Just before leaving for our Maui trip I had good enough weather to get another spraying of vinegar/clove oil done. So when we left the grass looked like this....
Still too much greenery but it was getting yellow. When we returned it looked like this....
Better, but still too much green to make me happy. So I sprayed it again this morning. We had several hours of bright sunshine, so it should burn the foliage pretty well. 

Tomorrow I plan to take the next step -- rototill the surface. The ground has not been derocked, so normal rototillering will be impossible even for a reverse tine tiller. So I will take the little Mantis and scuff the surface. My goal it to cut as many of the grass plants off at the soil surface as I can. Once well scuffed, the next step will be to apply soil amendments. I'll be taking you through the steps. 

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  1. Ayyyy, I just got a possible idea for busting up the rocky stuff....how about renting an electric jackhammer, with a "spade bit" (or even the spearpoint bit)? I'm assuming the gardenbed-to-be is too far from the house for a 12/3 extension cord, but maybe there's a 12 volt outlet on your tractor, so you could plug in an inverter with enough wattage for the jackhammer. Or someone has one of those ice-chest size gas generators? I know, once you crack the crust, you likely will have to find a use for a whole lot of rocks. Maybe there's a gully that needs to be filled in?
    If that grass just laughs at the spray treatment, maybe you could borrow one of those flame-thrower type weed torches, and strap a little tank of propane to your tractor's cart (see how useful that tractor is?) - The flame will destroy the green stuff, and maybe kill any surface weed seeds, too. Just an idea. I'm hoping for a bit of rain to wet down the pasture grass around the brush piles that I need to burn, and yes, I got one of those Harbor Freight weed torches, and I have 250 ft of hose strung out to wet the weed-whacked perimeter of the brush, if it catches fire. Neighbors said "Aw, that's not necessary." Yuh, and Murphy's Law is a myth?
    I know there's other ways to bust rock (Dr. Nobel's magic powder under blast mats, if you want to go all out!) but I hope the stuff is easier to break after all.