Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Daily Drivel

More travel pictures....ha!'s nice to be back. Wouldn't want to live here, but it's nice to visit. First a quick trip to Barnes & Noble, then off to drop our stuff at the hotel. We always stay at the Plantation Inn. First time around it was just a case of picking a place that got a decent review in Maui Revealed, but once we found it, the Plantation Inn has been "home" ever since. Good location, pleasant, quiet at night (get a room on the back street), with a nice private pool and very good breakfast. 
Car and bags stashed at the inn, we're off to town. By dumb luck we came on a weekend when there was a kite festival at the Chinese museum. Dozens a cool modern kites and plenty of old Chinese kites. Plus historical films showing Hawaii of 1898. I'm a bit of a nut about history. You'd never guess that I almost flunked history in school. First subject I ever got a "D" in......all A's and one D. Never could memorize dates and names. But I really love the stories. 
This is the Chinese museum cook house complete with old kitchen, gigantic woks and all. 
Modern kite.
Gotta smile at the panda kite.
Sort of like a tropic bird. 
Old Chinese kites were in the cookhouse and museum house.

Now I wouldn't call what this man was doing was dancing, but it looked like a cross between a stylized dance and Tai-chi. The first round was using a hand fan as a focal prop. The second time around he used a Chinese broad sword. Almost looked like he was worshipping or communicating with the sword. Quite an art form. 

Time was short so we couldn't hang around for the Chinese musical instruments. We're headed for the best magic show in Hawaii! Warren and Annabelle's. 
A couple of drinks ..... virgin piña colada please.....and a dinner with the friends we came over to meet here. Boy, it was good to see Jerry and Shirley again. Catching up on the news. Sharing stories. Reconnecting. At our age, it's good, real good. So good that it borders on being a frantic need. Gosh, am I that old? Humph, I must be, darn. Well, get over it and move on, I say. 
I guess this was the fourth, maybe fifth time we've seen Warren perform. I enjoy his show more than ever. He combines magic, illusion, comedy, and toying with his audience all in one. And boy is he good at it! 2 hours of laughter and amazement. 
Warren has several other magicians that perform at this venue, but it's Warren that we come to see. He's great. 

If you ever come to Maui, I'd highly recommend seeing the Warren & Annabelle show with Warren performing. If you plan to do it, just be sure to book your reservation before you leave home. The show is typically booked full a week or two in advance. 

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