Monday, April 14, 2014

Full Eclipse of the Moon

I'm not sure why we are so fortunate, but for once in a long time we have a cloudless night. We can see the moon clear and bright. How lucky, because tonight is a full lunar eclipse. We had planned to drive way down to the tip of South Point, but happily we can now view the moon from the comfort of home. In actuality we're pleased because we won't have too far to go in order to collapse into bed!

Second stroke of luck, the eclipse timing means that I won't have to wake up in the middle of the night to see it. I'm bushed after this trip and would like to hit the sack early. But I'm willing to stay up till 9 to see the full eclipse. Ah, a blood moon tonight! Sometimes neat things come along that you need to see or do, and this is one of them. 

Neither of us thought to charge up the Nikon camera, so all we have on hand for photography is the iPhone and iPad. Quite poor choices. But that's ok. We've seen dozens of lunar eclipses but I hoped to put a pic on this blog. 

So now you'll have to put up with so e terrible moon shots via the iPhone. And you thought the travel pics were annoying! Ha! 
The moon is half eclipsed but the iPhone can't figure that out. Just a blurry white blob. 
Toying with the methods I managed to come up with this shot. 
This shot is just prior to full eclipse. I was hoping for a pic of the blood moon, but the iPhone hadn't the foggiest idea what I was asking for. Once the moon went to full eclipse, the iPhone just gave up. 

So if you missed the eclipse, picture this in your mind.........full moon, Man In The Moon quite evident, and the whole thing is a drab reddish orange. Pretty cool! 

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