Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Daily Drivel

More vacation. I'm already for this trip to be over. Perchance you are too? 

If you ever make it to Maui, I'd suggest that you give the aquarium a visit. It's worth the admission fee. Where else can you pet a sea slug? Walk through a plexiglass tunnel with sharks and rays swimming over your head and under your feet? Pretty cool! So I ask you, have you pet your sea slug today? 
So many of the tropical fish are incredibly colorful. This aquarium is right up hubby's alley when it comes to fish viewing. He hates getting his face wet when "swimming", thus snorkeling is pretty much a no-go activity. The only way he gets to see the fish is from the comfort of dry land. Hence the plexiglass tunnel is número uno in his book. 
When it comes to sharks I'd tend to agree with him. The aquarium houses numerous rather large sharks, all of which look much nicer with plexiglass between them and I. 
Now here's something I've seen firsthand while snorkeling, turtles. I've had them practically touch my face mask! How cool is that!?!
Now I have no idea what this fish is, but he was quite interested in us. Could it have been our colorful baseball caps? Bright yellow and brilliant red? He constantly hovered right by us, checking us from different angles. After being scrutinized for five minutes, we blinked first and left. Mr Fish followed us to the end of its tank. So he was interested in us specifically all along. Gosh it's a bit unnerving to be the recipient of "watching". 
One more photo for today.....the banyan tree in Lahaina. Outside of the California redwoods and sequoias, this banyan tree is the most amazing tree I've seen. In the photo that's all one tree! For real! It blew me away the first time I saw this tree. It takes up the entire space of this square of land. If you come to Maui, it's a "must see". 

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  1. You got some nice water shots - the winds can kick up so much dust you you can't see the shallow water colors at times. Sad to see them nicking tourists to park - you guys are kamaaina, no charge you to park! Auwe! Show drivers license! Oh, well, we always bypasses the pay to park, go around back or down the road, park at beach access. Only trinkets for sale. I like ho oalu, but my wife doesn't. Too bad. Jawaiian? No way! Like a stain on mele. OK, you sound ready to head home, don't catch stink eye from locals.Hele on!