Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Daily Drivel

This morning's dawn is rain, rain, more wet, rain. Yeah, I jinxed myself with that glowing description of the typical dawn here. Hey, what happened to that gentle breeze, blazing stars, dawn's glow, singing birds? Forget all that for this morning. Puddles everywhere! 
And it's still raining. Everything is so wet that its glistens. The leaves look likes they've had nice wax jobs.
Leaves that have a more waxy surface have rain pooled up in beads. The taro type plants especially have leaves that the water just runs right off. The rain forms drops, then little pools, then the water laden leaf tips a tad and goosh....it all runs off. Then the cycle begins all over again. 
Rain drops cover over the solar panels. I guess that interferes with the sun reaching the workings of the panels but I don't know. At this time of year the panels are on an angle so most of the water runs off. 
Our panels are the older unisolar types, so they will continue to produce some power even on rainy days. 
Just a nice trickle but better than nothing. 

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