Friday, April 11, 2014

The Daily Drivel

Ok you daily drivelers, brace yourself for a feast. It's overdose time! 

After much rushing about with last minute tweaking, we're finally off to Maui. I'm a difficult one to pop off my homestead, but once I'm out, I'm ready for a good trip. Off to the airport, of course with a side trip to Starbucks for lattes. I don't mean this as blatant advertising, but Starbucks has a good latte. Every trip to town includes at least one Starbucks stop. 

We opted to take the little Mokulele computer over to Kapalui airport. These little planes are so much more enjoyable to fly than the standard airlines. Only have to check in 30 minutes in advance, no lines,  no TSA, no X-ray strip search, less than a dozen passengers, and they fly low enough that you can get some nice photos. I highly recommend them. 
Our little plane that we flew on.
Ready for take off!
Up, up, and away!
Goodbye Big Island. See ya again in a few days. 

In the matter of minutes Maui looms into view, here's Haleakala. 

As we got closer it was neat to see that the cloud layer completely encircled the peak of Haleakala. 

I was impressed to see the dry side is green. A green desert today! They must be getting a lot of the winter storms this year. Good for them! 
This string of windmills runs eight up the side of the mountain. Each windmill is somewhere around 300 feet tall. 
Up the coast, heading for Lahaina. I've never seen these hills green before. 
Our destination. Lahaina. 
Past the old, no longer in use, pineapple fields. 
New use for the old farms .... Coffee. 

We landed in one tiny airport. Cool. Headed right for the nearest bookstore, Barnes & Nobles, to get our long awaited magazine fix. Boy, I do indeed miss Borders. 

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  1. Lahaina! Our old stomping grounds! Kapalua Airport! Where I first touched down on this amazing island.
    Sorry to have missed you, maybe next time...