Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Daily Drivel

Suffering from vacation photo  overdose by now? Well the pain is not over yet folks. Many of you asked me to post what I do during the day, so ya'll getting a good dose of it now! 

Sunday morning "church". ................

How much more connected could you be to your religion than to contemplate the natural vast world around you. The vastness and mystery of the ocean, the gentleness vs power of the winds, the life giving warmth and light of the sun, the beauty of the vista. By the way, the island in the distance is Lana'i as seen from Lahaina, Maui. 
The Hawaiian shallow water is a beautiful turquoise color. Such a difference to what I was use to on the Eastcoast. The island in the distance to the left is Molokai'. 

We headed for the end of the slack key festival being held up in the big hotel resort area. Free to the public. Local craft vendors, the poster said. The advertising looked inviting. What they forgot to mention was that the parking started at $10. Oooo. I'm too cheap to spend $10+ just to browse a few vendor tents and listen to the no-name leftover slack key players. I'm still smarting from those $100 per person dinners from last night. 

So we go to explore a few new back roads, then shoot down the coast to the aquarium. We passed some actvely occurring wind devastation along the coast on the way. Beach goers hanging onto possessions, retrieving broken canopies and tents from beaches and in the ocean. One wham banging wind kicked up, covering the ocean in white caps. 
Palm trees whipping! 
Hubby being wind whipped too. He kept the sign post between him and the cliff....just in case a wind gust tried to knock him over. 

Impressive wind lasted for only a few hours, but the streets were littered with leaves and small branches. 

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