Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Orchid Island

Hawaii Island, aka- Big Island. Also called the Orchid Island. Orchids you say? Yes, we've got plenty! 
Now I'm no great grower of orchids. Good thing I live in an area where orchids thrive, because if they can't do it on their own, I'm no help. I haven't figured out which ones like my elevation or moisture level, so I just buy the cheap non-bloomers from the big stores and plant them. You know, the sale priced duds they want to get rid of. I drag them home, find a nitch the stuff them into, then hope for the best. 
To my surprise, most of them actually grow and re-bloom. In order to encourage blooming, I've found the best trick seems to be to forget about them. Months go by then I'm totally surprised to find one blooming its head off right where I don't even remember stashing one! That's the problem when you get over 60. Memory cells die off one by one. 
Not all of my orchids are rejected orphans. I occasionally become entranced by one at our local orchid grower's greenhouse. Every Sunday we drop in at her daughter's coffee shop for a fresh latte. I can't help but take a sneak peak in the greenhouse. Often I emerge with a beautiful addition for around the house. 
I guess by now I have about 30 or 40 orchids stashed under trees, tied up in the tree branches, or nestled into rock piles. Just about every one of them is a different color or flower shape. 

I never dreamed of being able to keep an orchid alive when I lived on the mainland. I always assumed that they were delicate and required pampering. But here they fit in perfectly to the time I have allotted to them ---  neglect em, ignore em. Every time one blooms I am thrilled and enchanted. Orchid flowers are amazing! 

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