Thursday, April 10, 2014

Livingroom Update

Ta-da! The door from the livingroom to the hallway is now in. This new door lets lots of light in plus gives the visual effect of openness. The cats and dogs hate it! No pet door like they are use to. Oh well. Such is life. 

This door is not a pre-hung door, so it's way beyond my capabilities. David to the rescue. That man is a wizard with doors. He can custom make any door and hang it so that it's perfect. I admire that talent. It's something I'll never acquire in my lifetime.  

If you noticed, there are now corner shelves beside the door. Before leaving to go care for my mother today I mentioned to David that I thought corner shelves would be a nice effect, since otherwise that corner would be wasted space. I returned to find completed shelves ready for use. What a nifty surprise. 

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