Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Just a Quick Update

The day was spent getting ready for the hurricane. I'm not sure if the farm will see strong winds, but I'm anticipating heavy rain. As of 7 pm, the rain gauge is already over 1 inch. 

The surf along the coastline is already kicking up. Lots of white water and big waves. All the coastal parks are closed for safety reasons. Yes, there are idiots who will try to surf in this storm. People along the coast are expecting flooding, so hopefully they've taken steps. 

Here on the farm we made some basic preparations. The water catchment system has been disconnected so that rushing water won't damage the already full tanks. All tanks are covered so that they won't be adversely affected by hurricane winds. Most items have been put away or tied down. I did not cut the greenhouse plastic film, hoping it will weather the wind. If necessary, I can cut it later, but I really don't wish to lose it. 

The livestock are ready. The equipment stowed inside. Adam has a dry, secure cabin for him and his pets. As for his "stuff", he will be spending the weekend finding it around the property if we get heavy winds. I guess he's going to learn the hard way about how strong hurricane winds can be. 

I don't anticipate significant flooding on the farm even if we get heavy rain. The land drains well enough except for the pahoehoe area. That area might get a couple inches of standing water but it's no big deal. It will eventually drain. 

My only concern is that trees will come down. With the ground saturated, combined with heavy winds, the big trees might be in trouble. It's not the coming down of the trees themselves that concerns me. If the topple, I can deal with cutting them up afterward. I'm just concerned that they may hit something important. I hope not. 


  1. We have had huge amounts of torrential rains on the east side since early yesterday...the dry stream bed between us and the road is raging gull blast... no wind to speak of...some frond waving sporadically, but not much more than far... Landslide reported just outside the entrance to our village. Good thing we're staying put! Hope all owrks out well for you on that side!

    1. Glad to hear that you're weathering the storm ok. We've only got a bit more than 3 inches so far, and that's nothing compared to your side of the island. I'm seeing reports of 6"-8" in Puna, and more are you go north. 12"-17". No wind worth talking about, but the storm's not over yet,. Our gulches have water too. It's impressive to watch the water go raging by. Fall into one of those gulches and you'd be a goner for sure.