Thursday, August 16, 2018

Goats Are Challenging

Having dairy goats has been interesting, fun, but also challenging. But then, having goats is always challenging. They are, after all, an interesting critter. 

Calico, the mom, is a real sweetheart. Her first two kids, not so little anymore, are curious and mischievous. Recently I moved them into a new pasture. It didn't take them long to discover the uprooted tree stump left over from the windstorm of a couple years ago. 

Playing king of the mountain instantly became the favorite past time. The only problem with this was that the stump is a bit too close to the fenceline. 

Francis discovered he could give a mighty leap from atop the stump and be out of the pen. What-ho, what fun! Mr Destructo was on the loose! That necessitated enticing him back into the old pasture again in order to confine him. And that necessitated returning the rest of the herd to the old pasture with him. 

Next job on order..........beef up the fence height to keep the goats in. I have a couple of options on how to do that, but I've decided to try something I saw at another farm. By using guava poles, I'm adding slats to the fence and adding height. I'll show you how that's is going along in my next posting. 

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