Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hurricane Hector

I know that some of my mainland friends were curious about whether or not I was affected by Hector. As of 7:45 pm, the answer is basically "not". I was actually hoping to see South Point get a good dousing of rain, but that didn't happen. We actually saw zero raindrops at the farm, but I heard from people living further south that they got a brief drizzle. 

12:30 pm today.....

The only thing that lets me know that there's a hurricane due south of us is the wind. It's been no worse than a brisk tradewind but it's been blustery rather than steady. Right about lunchtime it started coming in by one direction and a couple hours later the direction shifted, as the storm passed. I haven't seen any damage from the wind. Even the new tarp of the hoop house is holding just fine. 

Another web view.

So here I sit at 8 pm. It's still blustery out there. Nothing special. I don't even hear the trees "talking", like they do when it's really windy. So our first hurricane of the season passed us by. 

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