Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More of the Garden Reclaimed

My weekends are usually non-productive farm days. Since hubby is still working a job, I let him dictate how we spend the weekends, and you can bet it won't be working in the farm. He's no country boy! So along came Monday, and I had a chance to tackle another farm project. I opted to reclaim another garden growing area in order to plant more taro that is waiting on the side lines for space. 

Doing the standard routine, 190 square feet was ready for planting before lunch. The taro had already been prepared, so it was just a matter of popping them into place and giving them a good drink. Out came the mower and within an hour I had plenty of grass clippings to mulch the entire area. Done. Time for lunch and a break to recuperate from the mornings activity.

Post-lunch I opted for some farm maintenance and house chores. A bit boring, but necessary. Filled the gas tanks on the ATVs, mower, generators. Did a couple loads of laundry and distributed  the water to the gardens around the house. Cleaned out the raingutters on the house and barn. Fixed the screen door. Spied a bunch of ready bananas and cut it down, plus cut up the pau tree. Hung the bunch up by the house for further ripening.......

Swept the leaves off the concrete walkways. Weedwacked the grass down around the house. Harvested mamaki leaves and got them into the dehydrator. And did a dozen more little jobs that just help keep things running around here. 

Day done. 

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