Thursday, August 2, 2018

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Dear Diary, 

The past few days have been marvelous. I'm ever so thankful for the better weather. It's not perfect, but beggars can't be choosers, they say. At least it's not raining during the day...much. And the tradewinds are blowing, making the sunshine and the warmth bearable to work in. I know that it's going to dry out everything and that I'll need to be watering by the weekend if we don't get rain, but right about now I'm happy to be a bit on the dry side. 

I've been taking advantage of every daylight minute to catch up on farm chores. Mowing and weedwacking. Rototillering. Gathering grass clippings and mulching the taro, pineapples, beans, and turmeric. Gathering up the wind blown tree branches and piling them up for future firewood. Harvesting weeds for the compost bins, and cleaning up the beds around the house. 

Of course, I wasn't thrilled with the distractions, but farm living doesn't always go smoothly. Adam's water supply sprung a leak which needed immediate attention. The wind tore a long rip in the Costco shed cover, meaning an emergency repair and a trip to buy a cover tarp. Some rats chewed a number of holes in the window screens, but heck, repairs will have to wait for another day. I'll simply close the windows at night to keep the hairy buggahs out of the house. The ATV had a flat tire yesterday morning. Luckily I still had one more tire plug, so the repair went quickly. 

After waiting weeks, no months, I happily announce that the tool shed got painted. Now I'm tackling the barn. I'll take some photos tomorrow. I promise. 

Livestock was feeling frisky in the neighborhood. The next door neighbor's goats were in my gardens the past three mornings. I finally tied the two marauders up on ropes, whereupon they disappeared overnight, not to be seen today at all. Guess the neighbor got the message. It wasn't too difficult to find the places along the fence that the goats tore it up, but it's a pain to have to stop everything the do fence repairs, especially when it isn't even one's own animals. 

My own livestock haven't been angels either. The tiniest piglet has found a spot in the fence where it could squeeze through. It had a blast racing about the front acreage, having grand fun. As soon as Adam tried to catch it, it made a beeline right to its breakout spot. Ah-ha. Gave its secret away! 

Today Calico, the goat, decided to have her babies. Two cute kids. I'll show you photos tomorrow. But of course, there went the early morning work. I just HAD to sit down and do some cute baby watching. 

So my dear Diary, I've been keeping real busy. I'm totally bushed by the end of the day. But I'm afraid the stop......because things very well could return to wet days. 

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