Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Baby Goatlings

Happily Calico decided to kid on a nice, dry, sunny day. She snuck off to the furthest corner of her pasture, seeking a bit of privacy. There she kidded two beautiful goatlings, one boy, one girl. 

I didn't capture the births, but judging from the looks of the kids, I'd venture to guess that the girl was born first. 

Above is the boy. He was still pretty damp when I discovered him, and his ears were still floppy. But he is strong, up and toddling about, and nursed shortly after the photo was taken. 

The little girl is an aggressive nurser and a real glutton. Every opportunity, she was looking for Calico's udder. 

Both kids are strong. They appear healthy. 


  1. I just discovered your blog. It's very interesting.

  2. Very nice! But I always have a soft spot for goats (except the kind that break through the fence and eat your garden!)