Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Next Garden Site Rescued From The Grass

The morning was a non-farm event. Had to run to the pharmacy to pick up hubby's meds, then to the local business office to drop off a UPS package. Hit the Ace Hardware for a few supplies for the farm. Well, I suppose you could call that a farm related event. Then decided to go help my next door neighbor by cleaning up the inside of his "house' and mowing around it. He's been away for a few months and will be returning this weekend. So it's nice to get things ready for his return. You see, we help each other out and this is one thing I can do to return the favors. It's called, being neighborly! 

So.....every day isn't 100% farming. I just wish that it was. If I could spend every waking minute working about the farm, that would be paradise. But life is what it is, and it's not just farming. 

Lunch. Run get the car inspected. Back to the farm. 

The afternoon was more my style. I tackled a 22' by 18' area of the old garden. Using the lawnmower, I harvested all the grass for mulching material. The grass was really thick and tall, so it took three passes to get the job done. Once with the mower on the highest setting, once on a mid setting, and lastly at the lowest setting. The last pass scalped the area quite close. All the clippings got used on the current gardens. I've seen people try to do a task like this with one pass with the mower. Gee, that's too much work. And it's tough on the mower. I'd rather take the extra time making multiple easier passes. To each there own, I guess. 

Now that the grass top is gone, I will be able to run the tiller over the surface to chop up most of the grass plants & roots. Happily, this area is free of the dreaded Bermuda grass. So the tiller will effectively kill what is there. Next, I'll let the sun dry out the uprooted grass plants, signing their death certificates. In the meantime I'll start hauling some compost over to this garden with the intent of rototilling it in a few days from now. But all this will have to wait for another day. You see, it started to rain. Farming is on hold. What to do next? Retreat to the house and some cleaning up until dinner time. Yuk. I'd rather be farming. 

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