Friday, August 24, 2018

Final Hurricane Post

The hurricane is moving away from Hawaii. It's made its predicted turn, actually sooner than expected. That's good news for the other islands. But the storm is still packing a lot of rain. This afternoon 2 more inches of rain drenched the farm. But in the east side of the island, places had been slammed with rain. 

Here's a chart listing the 48 hour rain fall recorded at various official weather stations.....,
The numbers are impressive! Boy, that's rain. 

There have been a number of minor landslides. Minor in the sense that they didn't carry away cars or houses. But they are a real nuisance since we don't have alternative roads to take in some cases. This photo shows one of the more significant slides...,,,,
Hurricane Lane has been downgraded to a tropical storm. It's quickly losing strength. I guess that means we will be just seeing more rain, but no danger of heavy winds. Good. Enough is enough. So unless something significant happens, this is my final hurricane report. We're all safe and sound in the farm. 

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