Thursday, August 23, 2018

Morning Weather

I'm still here. We're fine. 

The hurricane's travel has slowed down, so it looks like we are in for rain for the next several days. Other than that, this looks like an ordinary storm. No raging winds so far. No long hours of torrential rain. Overnight we did get lots of rain, close to 3 inches, that came in waves. Because we sleep under a metal roof, each wave was loud enough to wake us up. It made for poor sleeping. 

The hurricane is still off the coast and creeping it's way up along the chain of islands. But the latest projection for its track shows things being a bit different. Perhaps Kauai will miss the worst of this storm. They surely don't need it!  But for right now this morning, the hurricane is pretty much exactly where they predicted it would be. And all but Kauai/Niihau will be visited as anticipated. 

This is the latest projected path.............
This was a previous projection............ far, so good. But we haven't seen the worse parts of this storm yet. We could be seeing strong winds later today. 

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