Monday, August 20, 2018

Got The T-Shirt

Things on the farm are at a wet standstill, yet again. Mornings are starting out clear and sunny. By 10 it's raining. Blag. Can't mow. Can't rototill. Weeding and chopping brush in the rain isn't appealing. Can't do much of any farm oriented stuff. So it looks like housecleaning is the only option. Blag. 

So I don't have any farm tales to relate. Wanna hear how I'm doing at re-organizing the closets and cleaning under the bed? Ha, didn't think so. But while getting things back in order in the clothes closet, I drifted into musing about the places some of my shirts and socks have come from. You see, I've become a wearer of souvenir style t-shrts, that kind that say "I❤️ NY" or "Peggy Sue's BBQ". I've got shirts from Bejosh Farm, Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, Maui, and dozens of other places. Each one of these shirts comes with a story, comes with loads of memories. Every time I wear them, I remember. I relive the feelings, the memories associated with where the shirt came from. They are just as good as looking at vacation photos, perhaps better. Photos get stored in a box in a closet, never to be looked at again for years. The t-shirts are worn on a regular basis. That's better. 

Last week I was pleased to add another shirt to the closet. You see, some dear friends recently moved to Summerville Missouri. I've not been there, yet. But they sent us t-shirts from their local cafe. Wow, isn't that cool?!?! Though I have no idea what the Rusty Gate Cafe looks like, I do remember what my friends look like. Seeing these shirts will instantly bring back years of memories. I will be able to embrace their friendship once again, although by proxy. Summerville is a long distance away, but hopefully someday I'll be able to take these shirts there to visit their "birthplace". In the meantime, I'll wear them and remember our friendship. 

When I see people wearing souvenir t-shirts, I often ask if the shirt has some meaning to them. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But when it does, I'll often see a smile or a look in the eye that says the wearer is remembering. 

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