Saturday, August 25, 2018

Just For Fun

"H" emailed to ask me what I do for fun. The devil in me wants to say, work on the farm. Yes, I really like this. In a way it's fun. But I guess it doesn't really qualify as what most people think as fun. 

So, what do I do for fun? with the farm dogs. There's great joy in playing with the dogs. Noodles and Spotz are youngsters,and their sidekick, Dexter, is still a kitten. It's great to take them for walks on the farm and have them play, wrestle, chase. What a zest they have for life! They keep me laughing. The other farm dogs are older and less inclined to play, but I still enjoy walking with them through the woods. with the baby pigs. They're just as much fun as a litter of puppies. I routinely let the young pigs out so that they can frolic with me and the farm dogs. For about 15 minutes it's fun & games. 
...make crazy yard art. I've made stick figures, funny road sign posts, a mini pond out of an upturned tree stump. I had flowers growing in old boots and shoes until they rotted into nothingness. Yard art is fun, especially if it's silly and would offend my mother's generation. 
...block print t-shirts, pillow cases, towels. Making original blocks is not only creative, but really fun. I can make any design I fancy. I'm presently considering block printing on my barn for decoration. 
...wear crazy socks. Socks with wild colors and designs bring either smiles to people's faces, or looks of shock or judgmental disapproval. Either way, it's fun. I used to take life too I wear crazy socks when I have them. 

Above, current collection. Time to hunt for new additions. 

...paint my barn really weird. I haven't shown this to you yet because I'm not done. But wait until you see that barn! It's crazy! It's really fun. 
...dye Noodles weird colors. I never planned on getting a white dog, but it happened. He's the perfect canvas for some fun art. 4 weeks ago we dyed a purple mohawk atop his head. 2 weeks ago, his topknot was bright green. This coming Sunday we're thinking about going with pink for his topknot and some other color for his ears. Sundays he goes with us to KaLae Coffee where he visits with his doggy friends while we share coffee and cookies with our human friends. Noodles has been brainwashed into thinking its grand to be dyed. He gets all excited and eager to jump into the car after a dye job. He knows he's heading to visit his friends, who aren't the least bit judgmental about his strange colors. Yes, dogs are better than most humans, aren't they. They are better at figuring out what's important and what's not. Cookies are important. Different race and appearance isn't. 
...snorkel. I don't do this enough as far as I'm concerned. But hubby doesn't like to swim, so I'm limited as to my opportunities. But when I get the chance, I'll squeeze in a day here and there. 

Fun is what you make it. I don't need video games, a wild party, nor amusements parks in order to have fun. If given a chance, my farm and community provide plenty of opportunities for having fun.