Wednesday, October 12, 2016

White Lithium Grease

Corrosion is a common problem here, with the daily vog and acid rain. Most metal objects rust or otherwise corrode. And those that don't, still tend to develop a surface layer of something or other that interfere with their smooth operation. Even outdoor locks fail fairly quickly if not protected in some fashion. 

My "go to" protectant is often white lithium grease. It seems to do a good job while lasting the longest if the things I've tried so far. 
I use it in locks, clips, chains, cinch pins, utility cart axel and hitch, various spots on the ATV. If it's got metal, I most likely use this stuff on it. Well, not my fencing. That would be a daunting task to grease over a mile (or more) of fence. 

I tend to avoid the aerosol grease, preferring the type in a can or squeeze tube. Maybe it's just my own preferences, but I don't think that the aerosol works as well. 

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