Monday, October 10, 2016

Addition - Malabar Chestnuts

Regular chestnut trees won't grow here in Hawaii, at least not at my location. Perhaps they could grow high up the slopes of the tall volcanoes, but I really don't know if they would....or if anyone has tried. But there is a tree called Malabar chestnut that readily produces fruit here. I'm told that it tastes like the regular chestnuts I remember buying and eating from the sidewalk vendors in the UK. Yummy. 

This past week a friend gave me a bag of Malabar chestnut pods, plus a large pile of "chestnut seeds". Yup, I intend to eat most but I also plan to plant a number of those little chestnuts in anticipation of producing my own supply. 

The mature pod is on the left. Breaking one open exposes the "chestnuts". The nuts, at the bottom of the photo, vary a bit in size and shape. 

I'm told that the nuts need to be planted while still fresh, and that they germinate readily. So I'm planting a handful right now. 

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