Friday, October 7, 2016

New Feral Goats

Feral goats are fairly common around here. Plenty of locals will buy them from the hunters, tame them down, and make brush/lawn mowers out of them......often eventually eating them at some future family luau. 

Here's my first two feral goats that haven't been tamed yet. Both adults and wild as can be. Both captured down at Pebble Beach yesterday. 
This is a small billy, quite stinky as only a billy goat can be. Puwiieeee! My neighbor is guessing he's about 4 years old. I don't have any experience trying to age guess a feral goat. So for now I'll just say that he's a young adult. This guy is small but quick, highly alert, very distrusting, quick to bolt. 

The second one is a young nanny, a couple years old too. She's already had a kid, so she's at least two years old or more. Like the billy, she's real wild. Bolts at the drop of a hat. 

Since I haven't tried taming a feral before, I dropped by some locals who do it all the time in order to get some instructions. Apparently food is the key. Tie them up on a short rope and be the sole bringer of food, particularly good tasting food. So I'm planning on getting these two addicted to mangos, papayas, sweet mix, and alfalfa. I'll let them graze grass and brush during the day on their short tie out ropes, but if they want the goodies, they will have to learn to accept hand feeding. 

No names on these two yet. I'm going to concentrate on taming them first. 

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