Thursday, October 13, 2016

Black Variegated Taro

I've been growing an interesting looking taro as an ornamental, something to use in flower beds. It's a black variegated one. A couple of years ago I found a single plant for sale in some store somewhere here, and snarffed it up. Mine! Ah-ha! Had no idea what it was, but I lovingly took it home and planted it by my front door. 

Since then it's propagated dozens of baby plants. This taro now resides in numerous flowerbeds. 

I just recently learned its name ....... Mojito. 

Now that I know it's name, I googled it. Boy, I found out I'm growing it all wrong! I've been growing it dry land style. The Internet seems to agree that it should be grown in wet soil or as a pond plant in 1"-3" of water. Um, how about that. And the Internet is calling for full sun or partial shade. I'm finding that my own plants prefer full sun. Those getting shade are smaller and less robust. Yes, they survive, but not as well as their full sun siblings. 

Now that I know it tolerates having its feet constantly wet, I plan to try some in one of the ponds. But I will continue to grow most of it dry land style since that method works for me. 

By the way, I've never tried tasting this taro. But I have cooked up the excess and added it to the chicken feed. 

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