Saturday, October 15, 2016


"E" asked if I get trade winds. Yes and no. Trade winds come and go. They tend to be seasonal, but even so, they aren't here every day, day after day. Plus the homestead is located inland in a nicely treed area. So it gets lots of protection from the winds. Therefore, while the trades might be blowing, the homestead often doesn't see much effect from them. 

The trade winds on my homestead farm as usually pleasant and reasonably gentle. They're usually not brisk enough to blow most plants over. But occasionally there are days when everything flies off an outdoor table and potted plants go over. But generally, the wind is enjoyable and cooling. I always welcome such wind. I personally enjoy it. 

Down at the seed farm it's a different story. The trades are stronger, quite brisk. And I notice them more frequently than up at the homestead. They're not so strong as to make trees grow sideways. But they do shred the leaves of all the banana trees and cause problems with trellises. 

Trees growing sideways? You betcha.
 (Above, a typical tree growing in South Point region.)

 There are spots where the trade winds blow strongly and frequently. It results in what we call wind pruning. The strong I winds damage the young growing tip buds, making the tree quite lopsided. I makes for such interesting images. 

My artsy modified photo of South Point trees on a stormy day. 

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