Monday, October 24, 2016

Current Taro Varieties

"W" asked what taro varieties am I growing. I'm constantly adding new varieties when I have the opportunity, but this is what I currently have: 

...Bun long. Also called, Chinese taro. This is one of my favorite table taros. 
...Mana ulu. A yellow Hawaiian taro, it's a nice eating taro.
...Piko ula'ula
...Araimo. Japanese taro
...Kumu ula'ula
...Lauloa ele'ele omoa
...Moi kea
...Manini kea
...Elepaio uli'uli. An interesting variegated taro.
...Ula'ula Moana
...Piko ula'ula 

Above looking down on the plant from above, the corms forming at the base of an Araimo plant. These corms can be used like a boiled potato for stews or a side dish. 

I also have.......
...An unknown "white" variety that prefers semi shade and is a robust grower. 
...A yellow cormed variety that is most likely a Polynesian type. 
...An aggressive purple stemmed one that may be a Filipino type. 
...Another purple stemmed that is a Caribbean type. 

I'm gradually phasing out my unknown varieties as I acquire known Hawaiian types. No particular reason for this other than I like the idea of growing Hawaiian varieties. But I do plan to keep the Caribbean variety because it's rather ornamental. 

Thinking of ornamental, I forgot to list Mojito, my black & green variegated taro. 

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