Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Potatoes in Containers

One of the blog readers has been growing a variety of veggies in containers. She sent me nice photos of her recent potato harvest. 

"S" wrote": 
One plant, small old dead cooler, one foot loose soil.  Mother spud by tip of fork.

Impressive harvest from just one plant! "S" uses homemade compost as her fertilizer source and refurbishes the growing medium at each harvest. Her results are great! By the way, she included a picture of the original seed piece, called the mother tuber. In this variety, the mother doesn't rot away. But it does change color so that it can be distinguished and discarded. The mother tends to be darker or browner. 

Another photo.......
"S" wrote:
Two plants, one half barrel, two foot deep loose soil.  Mother spuds by tip of fork

Truly amazing harvest! 

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  1. What variety is it? We haven't done well with potatoes since our first year here. Maybe I should try them in a container.